Echoes American Landscapes 8-Hour Stream

Echoes American Landscapes 8-Hour Stream

If you can’t get enough of Echoes American Landscapes on the air, go to Echoes On-Line for our 8 Hour American Landscape stream.

Every July we take a trek from sea to shining sea and all those other places to create a soundscape of America. In this special On-Line Only stream we’ll hear evocations of the desert southwest, the Appalachian trail, and Maine forests. Imagine yourself staring at the red skies of Sedona, paddling down the Swannanoa River in North Carolina or traveling the Frio River in Texas. Those are only a few of the locations we’ll be wandering in a soundscape of Ambient Americana. This is our way of celebrating the Fourth of July Weekend. Less dangerous than fireworks and healthier than whatever you have on the grill.

But weaving all through the eight hours is the ambient Americana side of the show, that sound that merges western and country influences with ambient production and moods. It’s a sound that effectively began with Ry Cooder’s Paris, Texas soundtrack but it has continued over the years with artists like Lanterna, Bruce Kaphan and Bill Frisell. It’s something you might imagine as the score to Once Upon a Time in the West, Deadwood or Hell On Wheels.

This eight-hour soundscape includes Michael Gulezian, Jill Haley, Scott August, Paul Winter, Philip Aaberg, Tycho, Pat Metheny & Lyle Mays, R. Carlos Nakai, Patrick O’Hearn and many more. So saddle-up and get ready for a unique kind of music for Independence day. It’s Ambient Americana at Echoes On-Line.

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