Temples Release Title Track “Hot Motion” Video

Temples Hot Motion Video

Temples isn’t a band we play on Echoes much, but I’ve always been drawn to their updating of mid-period psychedelic music, a mix of English psy-pop and West Coast sunshine lysergicness.  They’ve just released a new single, Hot Motion that continues to tap directly into a 60s psychedelic sound and look. Hell, when he’s wearing his granny glasses you might think that the long-haired singer and guitarist James Bagshaw was The Byrds’ Roger McGuinn. And their sound definitely picks up on that 60s, jangly guitar vibe but with a definite 21st century rhythmic drive and texture.  An album under the same name has been announced to release on September 27th, 2019. Accompanying their single is a music video that looks like it was also taken right out of the 60’s, albeit with hi-def cinematography and without the cornball 60s backdrops. It’s just the telegenic band playing out the song while the camera swoops around them going in for lots of tight shots on Bagshaw. With distorted guitar, a steady fuzzy bass, dancing organ sounds, and Bagshaw’s mildly adenoidal vocals and a choir-like chorus, Temples puts their modern touch on an old rock genre.And they definitely dive into the hook with pop fervor. It would take multiple hands to count the amount of times James Bagshaw croons the words “Hot Motion”. Turn down the lights, crank up the volume.

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