Yaima’s Dreamy Balinese Video for “Odonata”

Yaima's Earth Groove Video for Odonata

Yaima, the New Age Folktronic music duo, releases their official music video for their song  “Odonata,” from their latest album Antidote. Many of the tracks off of Antidote are referred to as “a spiritual conversation between your heart and the earth.” In case you couldn’t tell that from the music, in the video, Yaima’s Mas Higasa and Pepper Proud are seen playing their music on stone steps in a lush Bali jungle with cut-aways to streaming waterfalls and jungle topiary.. They make like they’re one with the earth as Pepper Proud sings imaginary chants to the Bali forest in a voice that sounds like it’s born in the skies. Higasa’s finger-style guitar lays down a raga like bed on which Proud rests her voice while off-camera hand-percussion sets up an earthy, slow-trance groove.  Yaima dedicates Odonata to the Dragon Fly, the master of transformation: They begin their life cycle underwater, emerge to land, and then take flight just like the music of Yaima..

Check out Yaima’s Interview In the Echoes Podcast.

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