Ex-Tangerine Dream Members Found New Duo: Neuland

Peter Baumann & Paul Haslinger Head to New Territory

While Tangerine Dream soldiers on with no original members, two ex-members, including one from the classic era, have joined together to form, Neuland or New Territory.  Peter Baumann, the founder of Private Music records was also a member of the classic line-up of Tangerine Dream in the 1970s.  Paul Haslinger, now doing TV and film scores for Halt and Catch Fire among others, was a member from 1985-1990. The two had worked together before, on the never-released album, Blue Room. Judging from the samples on their website, www.neuland.net, Neuland is going for a darker, but still melodic and rhythmic sound. There’s a video of the piece “Nautilus” on youtube, but examples on their site seem more developed. According to Paul Haslinger, they are mastering their debut, a double-album’s worth of music,  this week and will be releasing singles from it until the full release on October 1. It’ll be great to hear Haslinger doing his own music again and one really good Peter Baumann album, Machines of Desire, in 33 years just isn’t enough.


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