William Fitzsimmons, performing Live On Echoes

William Fitzsimmons performs Live on Echoes

There’s a whole breed of singer-songwriters plying a low key, sub-downtempo sound to express deep emotions and ideas. among them is William Fitzsimmons. he’s a musician who was raised in Pittsburgh and is now based in Illinois. he’s been recording since about 2005 and has several albums out. his latest is called Mission Bell on Nettwerk records. We hear William Fitzsimmons, joined by Allie Moss, performing live on Echoes.


0:00:00 In concert: William Fitzsimmons
0:01:47 William Fitzsimmons Distant Lovers (live) Mission Bell
0:06:45 William Fitzsimmons Angela (live) Mission Bell
0:12:45 William Fitzsimmons I Don’t Feel it Anymore (live) The Sparrow and the Crow
0:18:10 William Fitzsimmons Lovely (live) Mission Bell
0:24:20 William Fitzsimmons Never Really Mine (live) Mission Bell

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