Echoes Podcast: Jefferson Airplane Crown of Creation 50th

Jefferson Airplane's Crown of Creation in a Flashback 50 in Echoes Podcast

Jefferson Airplane

In the Echoes Podcast, a Flashback 50 to 1968 and the fourth album by Jefferson Airplane, Crown of Creation. Jefferson Airplane were, along with Jimi Hendrix, the flagship of psychedelic rock, more so than the Grateful Dead or Pink Floyd, who really hadn’t arrived in the states yet. And they used psychedelic affectations to embrace a world of sound from folk to jazz to classical, but in a way that was uniquely Jefferson Airplane.  Crown of Creation lived up to its title with many of the Airplane’s most inventive and powerful songs. Sadly, on the evening this was broadcast on September 27th, Marty Balin, the founding member, left the planet. In an expanded version of the feature, we fly Jefferson Airplane’s Crown of Creation, on an Echoes Flashback 50 in the Echoes Podcast.

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