Marissa Nadler’s Haunted Blue Vapors Video

Marissa Nadler Gets the Blue Vapors

Marissa Nadler is one of my favorite downer singers.  She seems to walk under a cloud of remorse and loss and envelopes you in her emotional shroud.  She writes music to match it with strung out melodies and slow dirge rhythms. In another time, she would’ve been a goth, opening for Bauhaus. But she’s much more than that, channeling loss and alienation like a fallen angel still reaching for the sky.  She has a new album coming, For My Crimes, and has just dropped a new single, “Blue Vapors”. Like many of her songs, it’s a breakup tune about a lover who won’t let go, and maybe she can’t let go either.  The video, directed by by Thomas McMahan and produced by Digital Dust is shot in a purplish black & white with white porcelain figurines moving through the phases of their relationship until they part and burst into flames. White churches and white anonymous homes provide a backdrop for Nadler’s face projected on them like a sultry wraith. “Blue Vapor” is a simple song by Nadler standards, but it draws you hypnotically into her world.     

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