James Hood’s Mesmerizing New Animal Video

James Hood Releases Trippy Video for Animal

James Hood has evolved quite a bit as an artist throughout his music career. The man who was once the drummer for the British-American rock band The Pretenders and then had an electronic project called Moodswings is now creating complex and engaging electronic music featuring the Hang drum. The Hang is a strange looking hand drum which originated in Switzerland in the early 2000s. This flying saucer-like instrument has captured James Hood’s heart and has been a feature in his music for the last several years, highlighted on the album, Ceremony.

“Animal”, from Hood’s album Mesmerica, has the Hang front and center and surrounds it with electronic sounds which capture the listener. While the Hang itself is a simple instrument, the sounds that Hood is able to create with it feel complex and diverse. The video is a hypnotic, psychedelic visual journey showcases humanity’s connection with nature and the world around us. Traveling from deep space to a city skyline, Hood’s video starts and ends with the human form. Like staring into the night sky, the video reminds us that we are all connected to nature and each other.

James Hood’s newest album, Mesmerica, is available everywhere now.



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