Bluetech Ambient VR Video Star Trails

Bluetech Futuristic Surrealism in Video for "Star Trails"

Evan Bartholomew has been producing electronic music using the name Bluetech since 2003. Bluetech is a child of computer generated music, employing digital synthesizers and software to create his entrancing sound. Bluetech creates a downtempo, ambient, electronic sound that sends your head spinning like you’ve been injected into a particle accelerator as melodies fracture, fractalize and reform in beautifully articulated wave. In an interview with Echoes, Bluetech refers to his music as “unabashedly melodic” and sites classical music as one of his major influences.

“Emergence VR” is a short film that features Bluetech’s track “Star Trails” off of his Behind The Sky album. The video itself is in virtual reality trip providing a 360-degree spin through the surreal world created by Julius Horsthuis. Married to one of Bluetech’s more analog driven and ambient tracks, you float through this fractal fantasy world with a different tableau at every turn of the corner, or of the head.

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  1. shanecotee
    May 25, 2018 at 6:03 pm

    In The Branches & Bluetech, to be precise. Thank you for sharing.

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