Echoes Podcast: Brian Eno at 70

Brian Eno at 70 in the Echoes Podcast

In the Echoes Podcast, we have an extended celebration of Brian Eno on his 70th Birthday. It’s hard to talk to a musician on Echoes and not have the name Brian Eno come up. He’s been a looming force in modern music for nearly half a century. He’s a sonic provocateur who codified the concept of ambient music in the 1970s, embraced a grunge electronic aesthetic in the early 1990s and then sought the holy grail of generative music, essentially, music that composes itself. He’s produced hit albums for U2, Talking Heads and Coldplay that defined pop music at the time. Now, he turns 70 on May 15th. We celebrate his birthday with a profile feature, an excursion into Eno’s ambient thought, The Wit and Wisdom of Eno and Touched by Eno.

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