Wordless Echoes: Space

A soundscape featuring music inspired by 2001:A Space Odyssey

50 years ago, Stanley Kubrick directed the film 2001: A Space Odyssey. To celebrate the anniversary, here’s an extended, uninterrupted soundscape of spacemusic, inspired by the vision of interplanetary travel depicted in the movie.

Wordless Echoes – Space
0:00:00 Richard Strauss Also Sprach Zarathustra Chicago Symphony Orchestra with Pierre Boulez
0:01:45 AeTopus Satellite Study Totem Totum
0:08:35 Evadez Nova Life In Wires
0:11:43 Robert Rich Sky Tunnel Electric Ladder
0:20:36 Mike Oldfield Supernova/Magellan The Songs of Distant Earth
0:29:38 Mystral Terraformed Tundra
0:35:22 Solar Powered Beings Prometheus Alpha Seeds-va
0:43:35 Tangerine Dream Sunrise In The Third System Alpha Centauri
0:47:53 Mystical Sun In Between Orbits Deeperworlds
0:53:00 Saul Stokes Eta Car Is A Massive Star Villa Galaxia
1:00:07 Ascendant The Particle Horizon Particle Horizon
1:07:26 Darshan Ambient Star Born Songs From The Deep Field
1:12:28 Bluetech Light Years from Home Spacehop Chronicles Vol.
1:17:24 Fhloston Paradigm The Warmth Of The Star Live On Star’s End
1:28:59 Chuck van Zyl Ganymede The Relic
1:43:27 Klaus Schulze Floating Moondawn
2:08:57 Melorman Reaching The Sky Somewhere Someday
2:13:31 Jonn Serrie The Stargazer’s Journey The Stargazer’s Journey
2:21:48 Tangerine Dream Stratosfear Stratosfear
2:31:40 Hiroki Okano Mother Sky (feat.WANICO) jp
2:37:50 John Burundu Solar Sails Alpha Seeds-va
2:42:55 SPC ECO When It Moves Calm
2:46:23 Gert Emmens The Beginning Of To the Sky and Beyond -va
2:51:30 Vangelis Pulstar Albedo 0.39
2:57:13 Forrest Fang The Pulse Of The Stars Scenes From A Ghost Train
3:01:50 Johann Johannsson The Rocket Builder (Lo Pan!) Fordlandia
3:07:50 Eat Static Eerie Nothingness Last Ship to Paradise
3:15:42 Spacecraft Hummel Hummel
3:30:31 Jon Durant Dance Of The Shadow Planets Dance Of The Shadow Planets
3:35:23 Quaeschning and Schnauss Flare Synthwaves
3:41:03 Mark Dwane Stellar Presence The Sirius Link
3:46:37 Chronotope Project Unwinding The Dream Event Horizon
3:52:36 Jean-Michel Jarre Oxygene Part 17 Oxygene 3
3:56:47 Kraftwerk Spacelab 3-D The Catalogue
4:02:11 Key-G Asymptotic Drive Omens and Artifacts
4:10:00 777 Masato Eternity Phoenix
4:17:04 Daniel Lanois Space Kay Shine
4:18:47 Brian Eno Stars Apollo
4:26:00 Numina Intergalactic Traveller The Chroma Plateau
4:30:58 Waveworld The Moutain Structures
4:43:32 Quindar Wembley Hip Mobility
4:47:20 Ashra Midnight On Mars Sunrain
4:53:40 Stomu Yamashta Space Theme Go
4:56:32 Michael Stearns Wherever Two or More Are Gathered Planetary Unfolding
5:03:53 Tomita Venus: The Bringer Of Peace Holst: The Planets
5:12:00 Gyorgy Ligeti Atmospheres Wien Modern: Wiener Jeunesse Choir/Wiener Philharmoniker/Claudio


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