Echoes Podcast: The United States of America 50th

Psychedelic Band The United States of America in Echoes Podcast

As the founder of the rock bands, United States of America and Joe Byrd and the Field Hippies, Joseph Byrd made some of the definitive psychedelic music of the 60s. He also made some of the first electronic rock in the days before Moogs. In a Flashback 50 we run off with the American Metaphysical Circus and Joseph Byrd on Echoes to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the only album by the United States of America. We take electronic music for granted now, but back in 1968 it was a pretty rare and novel thing.  There were bands like Lothar and the Hand People and Silver Apples, but the United States of America took electronics the furthest.  That was an audacious name, even in 1968. In teh Echoes Podcast, John Diliberto talks to Joseph Byrd and singer Dorothy Moskowitz of the United States of America on their 50th Anniversary.

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