Guitarist Kaki King’s “Bruises” Video.

Kaki King's "Bruises", a Video of the Emotions of Medical Trauma and Data Humanism.

Kaki King has released a new conceptual video for her song, “Bruises.” It’s a psychedelic piece with King playing what has to be an electric guitar in deep, 50s reverb over a slow, trance rhythm punctuated by muted bass drum hits. Sounding like something you’d hear in a David Lynch film, it’s a striking, haunting piece that emerged out of her daughters struggle with a rare blood disease. That led to a project with information designer and visual artist Giorgia Lupi, author of Dear Data. She creates the graphics of the video, an interpretation of the medical journey of King’s family through fear, hope, devastation and affirmation. You can read more about the project in this article on Medium called “Bruises — The Data We Don’t See.”

“Bruises” is yet another different and brilliant direction from this artist who has gone way beyond her solo acoustic guitar roots. And if you haven’t caught her live performance of The Neck is the Bridge to the Body, you owe it to yourself to see it soon while she is still touring it.

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