Music Overload-Too Much Music. Can’t stop Listening. Can’t Stop Acquiring.

James Jackson Toth Confronts HIs Music Overload Demons

I am overwhelmed by music. It is my work. It is my passion. And I feel it is my calling. But it is also my addiction. I recently reassembled my CD and vinyl collection in my new home with my wife, Melissa. This picture you see is about half of it. The rest is in a room of black Can-AM storage cabinets; five chin-high stacks of them. And this does not include an equal amount of  CDs in the Echoes Studio, which are not duplicated. They are a completely different set of music.  And of course, this doesn’t include downloaded music, of which I have multiple terabytes. I wish I had time to analyze my journey to this mass of music; the increasing problem of maintaining it; and most importantly, the problem of actually listening to it.. Fortunately, writer James Jackson Toth has done it for me. His journey, illuminated in the article, Too Much Music: A Failed Experiment in Dedicated Listening, mirrors my own music path with almost frightening exactness. To all my music junkie friends, read this article. It is long, but you will see yourself reflected. Read it here.

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