New Video from Air’s JB Dunckel

Air's JB Dunckel's New Video for Hold On

The French duo AIR have been strangely silent. They pop up with the occasional concert but they haven’t made a proper album since Le Voyage Dans la Lune, and even that wasn’t really a proper album, more of a soundtrack for the French silent film classic.  They put out a limited edition, 1000 copy vinyl-only release for the Palais des Beaux-Arts de Lille, but that doesn’t seem to be out there except on YouTube. But now JB Dunckel has emerged with a new single called “Hold On” ahead of his forthcoming album, H+. It’s a piano driven song, bathed in glissando ambiences and sung by Dunckel in that lisping chipmunks on Quaaludes voice that is the Air vocal trademark.  It’s charming, but their music always sounds better sung by someone else. Bring back Beth Hirsch. Nevertheless, it’s an affecting, bittersweet song with a surreal, morphing CGI video of a woman and Dunckel’s disembodied, mutating head.

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