Echoes Podcast: Thomas Dolby

Thomas Dolby in Echoes Podcast

Thomas DolbyIn the days of songs like “She Blinded Me with Science” Thomas Dolby was called a “boffin”, the English name for a technology nerd. Now the boffin and high school dropout is a Professor of the Arts at the Peabody Institute of Johns Hopkins University, one of the leading music conservatories in the world. We go back to the future with Thomas Dolby who takes us to his early DIY days building his own synthesizers of electronic music, his visions of the future from the past and the current state of electronic music.

it was a fight in those days.  You know, there was a struggle because there was a very strong resistance to electronics.  It wasn’t real music.  You know, it was for wimps.  Um there was almost a stalwart sort of regard action, you know, by the, you know, guitar and drums and sort of big hair guys.-THomas Dolby


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