Björk’s Universal Love Song-“The Gate”

New Video From Björk's for The Gateway

9/18/2017 by John DilibertoBjork from The GatewayEcstatic chanteuse Björk heads in a new direction of “The Gate,” a song from her forthcoming album. It’s a fantasy laden piece of featuring the singer in alien princess garb and surrounded by morphing digital fantasy images brilliantly orchestrated by director Andrew Thomas Huang. The music sounds like something out of the new age, maybe a Iasos recording from the early 1980s, full of gurgling washes and stardust swoops. The effect is quite beautiful as Björk sends out her digital heart to other beings. I just wish she would have something like a melody, a hook and a beat. Any one of them would be refreshing amidst the free-styling amelodicism that has marked her music for years. But Björk operates in a world of the avant-garde art song, unleashed from convention. Put this video up full-screen and you will be immersed in this marriage of song and visuals. I’m just not sure how often I’d put on the song by itself.

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