Nights and Weekends in Echoes Podcast

NIghts and Weekends in the Echoes Podcast

Break-up records are like romance novels. There are too many of them and they are all pretty much the same. Every twenty-something singer comes in with tales of loss and broken hearts. Nights and Weekends are something else. They are a 40-something couple, author Jenny Hollowell and producer Daron Hollowell, who really have been through it all. And they sing all about it on their debut album, Music for Marriage. It’s an atmospheric, moody album, but it isn’t a bedroom soundtrack. They come in for a marriage counselling session on Echoes.

Jenny Hollowell: Yeah, I think the other thing too is like there’s real like places of anger on this record.  I think that was part of the process of what we were going through.  There were moments where it’s just like I just want to burn everything

Nights and Weekends’ Music for Marriage isn’t meant for setting the mood unless the mood is emotional wreckage.  Hear their interview and the gorgeous, sultry dream pop music that they make together

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