Terje Rypdal Interview in Echoes Podcast

Celebrate Guitarist Terje Rypdal's 70th Birthday in Echoes Podcast.

Terje RypdalNorway’s Terje Rypdal is the definitive modern guitarist, sculpting his sound through elaborate effects. Born on August 23, 1947, Rypdal would become a giant of the electric guitar. Through 60s rock bands and apprenticeships in groups led by George Russell and Jan Garbarek, through a string of solo albums for ECM records, Terje Rypdal blazed a path through electric stars with searing guitar leads. He’s a veteran of ECM records with several albums out including lauded collaborations with Jan Garbarek, Jack Dejohnette and David Darling.  Rypdal is also an orchestral composer with dozens of symphonic works and recordings.  We interviewed him in 1996 in Molde, Norway near his home, and he took us through his career, from 60s pop to the orchestral avant-garde.

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    • Terje rypdal es un gran musico,creador de un estilo muy personal,para mi,su música es una permanente fuente de coneccion con la naturaleza.

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