Jeff Pearce Takes Us on a Journey with “A Walk Through the Leaves”

Jeff Pearce Takes Us on "A Walk Through the Leaves"

Jeff Pearce is previewing the release of his next album, From the Darker Seasonswith a video for “A Walk Through the Leaves.”  Since his debut album in 1993,  Tenderness and Fatality, Pearce has grown from a little known musician hold up in his home in Indiana to one of the leading lights in ambient guitar. He’s released 13 albums along with one EP and was awarded the “Ambient Album of the Year” at the Zone Music Reporter Awards in 2014 for With Evening Above. Pearce is no stranger to the Echoes program, as both his albums To the Shores of Heaven and Bleed were featured as “CD of the Month,” along with having To the Shores of Heaven voted as “CD of the Year” by Echoes’ listeners in 2000.

Now, with “A Walk Through the Leaves,” Jeff Pearce gives us a peak into his 14th album, From Darker Seasons. “A Walk Through the Leaves” features Jeff Pearce’s’ signature, ambient guitar, creating a mood of hypnotic tranquility.  Although the music sounds more  like a walk in deep water at twilight, the video is a typical, serene Autumn-forest landscape, full of slow-mo falling leaves, babbling brooks and splintered sunlight. Jeff Pearce’s From Darker Seasons is set to release on September 22nd.

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