Brian Eno As Alien Savant in Steelism Video “Eno Nothing”

Steelism Meet Brian Eno in Space.

The spirit of Brian Eno pervades a new video by Steelism. “Eno Nothing” comes from the group’s sophomore album, ism, off their own label, Intoxicating sounds. Steelism is a Nashville-based group consisting of guitarist Jeremy Fetzer and pedal steel player Spencer Cullum. Finding a shared inspiration in 60s instrumental music and film composers such as Ennio Morricone, the pair released their first album, 615 to Fame, in 2014.  Now, Steelism previews their upcoming summer tour with a video for Eno Nothing.

It’s a simple, primitive animation with the two members of Steelism exploring the meaning of life on a journey in space, with misadventures that lead to Brian Eno, buddha-like in futurist temple playing a Stylophone before switching to a Moog and sending the travelers on their way.

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