Award-Winning Music Video for “Notget” from Bjork

Bjork's Video for "Notget" Wins in the Digital Grand Prix at Cannes Lions

Written by Connor Sodak on June 29, 2017

Bjork has, once again, made headlines as her unorthodox, virtual reality music video for “Notget” won first place in the Digital Grand Prix at Cannes Lions. The video explores virtual reality and exceeds the boundaries of the real world. The animated video begins in a dark, dystopic setting with harsh yet rhythmic piano keys and violin strings. The camera is constantly moving and focuses on Bjork singing, animated, I suspect with motion capture techniques, wearing what looks like an illuminated, form-fitting spacesuit.  She matches the setting as she embodies the darkness. As the music grows, the Bjork  matches the pace by passionately belting out powerful lines of immortality. Electronic, synthetic vibes start inviting themselves in with the violins, and as the song develops, space-Bjork  can be seen evolving with it. The darkness of her slowly fades away as she begins to illuminate with color, still dancing and singing to the tunes. She is surrounded by jellyfish like creatures with pulses of light. The enigmatic style of this video can be compared to the Final Fantasy video game  with the creativity and originality that Bjork provides. You get lost in this world that she has created and are captivated by Bjork’s gyrating figure that is constantly transforming as the music continues to build.  Bjork continues to experiment and revolutionize her music with the track, “Notget” and accompanying video off of her album, “Vulnicura”.


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