Adna Releases Music Video for New Album: “Closure”

Adna Seeks Closure with New Music Video

Written by Cameron Kline on June 27, 2017

After a move took her from Sweden to Berlin, Adna has premiered a music video for the title song of her latest album, Closure which has been played heavily on Echoes. Closure was released in March earlier this year and is the 20-year-old’s third album after Night and Run, Lucifer. Closure consists of heavy, increasingly tribal drums that are contrasted with a solemn, imploring tone coming from Adna’s vocals and piano. The song centers around a theme of being hindered by uncertainty, with lyrics like, “Will I know the end when I need it?” and “Will I know love when I need it?” The music video features Adna inside an extravagant, yet dilapidated house either playing music, dancing or tensely swaying. The melancholic tone of the song is matched with brief images of Adna in apparent distress with disturbing images of her falling into a tub, becoming submerged while she sings “Smother the voices inside my head.” You can watch the music video here, or listen to the rest of Closure released on Despotz Records.