New Video from Arcade Fire- “Creature Comfort”

Arcade Fire Returns with New Music Video, "Creature Comfort"

Written by Connor Sodak, June 16,2017

Arcade Fire marks their return to the spotlight with a music video for their new single, “Creature Comfort.” The song features a combination of 80’s pop and new retro synthwave stylings.  From the sawtooth synthesizer buzz, electronic percussion and the key-tar, the song fairly screams Flock of Seagulls. That’s a compliment.. The video takes place in an empty room with flashing strobe lights, matching the songs urgency as members of the band strut in satiny suits that glisten in the light. the frame is cropped top and bottom into a bar with singer Win Butler often seen in just a torso shot. Butler’s story is a  haunting realization of the insecurities of men and women in our culturally pressure-cooker society. The lyrics can be seen panning across the bottom of the screen as he sings, “some girls hate their bodies, stand in the mirror and wait for the feedback”. Butler playfully switches back and forth with the cheerful chants of the backing vocals he and key-tar slung Régine Chassagne sing the chorus: “God makes me famous, if you can’t just make it painless.” This vibrant track  will be featured on Arcade Fire’s upcoming album, “Everything Now” set to release July 28th.