Tricky Unveils New Track “The Only Way”

Tricky Shows his Roots with New Single "The Only Way"

Written by Cameron Kline on June 8, 2017

Tricky, a pioneer of the trip hop genre, has unveiled his newest work “The Only Way.” Tricky’s last album “Skilled Mechanics” was released in January of 2016, however “The Only Way” is more diverse than Tricky’s most recent work. Recorded in Moscow late last year, his newest work gives nod to his debut and highest-selling album, Maxinquaye. In fact, Tricky himself describes “The Only Way” as the sequel to his most popular song “Hell Is Around the Corner.” Tricky has never been one to hide his emotions in his music and he continues that trend with his newest single. “The Only Way” opens with a calm piano and acoustic guitar that transitions to an orchestrated-jazzy melodic tone. Despite the power of the melody, however, Tricky takes the limelight with his trademarked whisper vocals.

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