New Video from Enter Shikari- Supercharge ft. Big Narstie

Enter Shikari Enters Space with New Video for "Supercharge"

Written by Cameron Kline on June 8, 2017

Enter Shikari has burst back into sound waves with their newest release, “Supercharge” (ft. Big Narstie), with a visually striking animated music video along with it. “Supercharge” has a high paced, electronic-punk sound. In conjunction with internet famous UK grime rapper Big Narstie’s edgy and comedic style it creates a perfect mixture of punk and hip-hop, with a theme of revolution that fits perfectly in modern UK music. The video itself is an adventure that travels throughout space with ever-changing images of 3D shapes and authentic found photographs of astronauts about to take flight. The lyrics of “Supercharge” take the listener through a journey blanketed in an inspirational theme that encourages us to take action. With lyrics like “I’m gonna set dynamite; So we can supercharge the night,” it’s hard for the listener to not have a sense of urgency and motivation. “Supercharge” marks the first time that Enter Shikari and Big Narstie have collaborated together. Enter Shikari will embark on a UK Arena tour starting at Liverpool Arena on November 16th, 2017.


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