Washout 80’s Video Collage for “Get Lost.”

Early 80s's SoCal Collage from Washed Out

Cars & Pussycat marqueSynth-pop primitivist Washed Out, the non de plume of Ernest Greene has a wild new video for the song “Get Lost.” It’s a bit of loungey rough-hewn groove music set to a video of vintage animated stills that look like something out of the early -80’s southern California cultural craziness. It’s very cleverly edited with some great juxtapositions and touchstones that flash by so quickly I kept rolling it back to freeze frame certain sections like  the marque of the Pussycat movie theater screening early 80’s porn films Babylon Gold and He May Be Watching. Does anyone remember the Zayre department store? I haven’t even thought of that in 40 years.  It’s part nostalgia and mostly satire. Take a wild trip and catch the video here.

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