Wordless Echoes: Seas of Serenity

Wordless Echoes: Seas of Serenity - Six hours of music washing over us in waves of ambient sound.


Wordless Echoes – Seas of Serenity
Start Time Group Name Song Name Album Name
0:00:00 Robert Theis & Damjan Krajacic A Love Remembered Blue Landscapes II: Discoveries
0:03:06 Erik Wollo Cascade Falls Different Spaces
0:11:00 Ron Imhoff The Seas of Serenity The
Muse Ethereal
0:21:30 Dub Trees Indika Keltika (Onenne’s Temple mix) Celtic Vedic in Dub
0:26:01 Thomas Newman Precious Metals Passengers OST
0:27:40 Nathan Speir Breathing on the Shore Part of a Kindly Plan
0:35:42 Bing & Ruth The How of It Sped No Home of the Mind
0:41:17 Marconi Union Red Line 12am+ Tokyo+
0:49:31 Grand Transients Dare Spark the Future
0:53:20 Clint Mansell Faith Hope Fear & Falling in Love San Junipero (from Black Mirror)
0:56:00 Jim Ottaway Skies Rain Down Timeless e-Motion
1:00:29 Chequerboard Dunes The Unfolding
1:07:31 Suzanne Ciani The Second Wave: Sirens Seven Waves
1:14:30 Tale of Us Alla Sera Endless
1:20:40 Axess Edison’s Legacy Spheric Music Silver: 25th Anniversary of Electronic Rarities (v/a)
1:30:12 Michael Whalen Waiting to be Carried Off Dream Cycle
1:37:20 Robert Jurjendal Brothers Simple Past/Lihtminevik
1:39:58 Magical Strings Fairy Wind – Si Gaoithe Si Gaoithe
1:45:43 Ty Burhoe Spirit Ship Sleeping Swan
1:50:27 Nathan Speir As We Turn Part of a Kindly Plan
1:54:10 Chequerboard Today is Beautiful We Have Things to Do The Unfolding
1:57:35 S1gns of L1fe Astral Plane Pathways to Ascension
2:05:02 The Delia Derbyshire Appreciation Society Half Light The Delia Derbyshire Appreciation Society
2:12:15 Hollan Holmes Great Expectations Prayer to the Energy
2:16:51 Michael Bijker Bodysurf From this Day On
2:22:25 SineRider Slower Stay Home
2:25:38 Marconi Union Temperature Drop+ Tokyo+
2:36:17 Kitaro Sea of Clouds Sacred Journey of Ku-Kai Volume 5
2:42:42 Grand Transients Dare Spark the Future
2:46:39 George Winston Many Clocks Spring Car usel
2:52:13 Justin Walter It’s Not What You Think Unseen Forces
2:58:46 Brad Hoyt The Event Horizon The Past Future
3:04:39 Joel Fajerman Late Evening Spheric Music Silver: 25th Anniversary of Electronic Rarities (v/a)
3:08:02 Where the Good Way Lies Hope Unfolds Nineteen Fourteen
3:13:25 Adam Werner Psyche vs Soul Deep
3:17:36 Daniel Voth Part VIII: Zenith Transcendance
3:22:25 Melorman Reaching the Sky Somewhere Someday
3:27:00 Johan Agebjorn & Mikael Ogren Sleepless on the Kostomuksha-Petrozavodsk Night Train We Never Came to the White Sea
3:33:22 Tracy Silverman Riff in 11/8 Trip to the Sun
3:39:47 Ian Boddy & Marcus Reuter Gyroscope Memento
3:47:05 Michael Bijker Healing Hands From this Day On
3:54:28 Rick Cutler Walking Meditation Daydreams (Probably)
3:58:40 Richard Ashe Code Decryption
4:02:20 Sine Far Away Cosmic Chill Lounge volume 7 (v/a)
4:07:23 Der Waldlaufer Cylings Fluidum
4:11:50 Colin Valon/Patrice Moret/Julian Sartorius Sisyphe Danse
4:16:03 Laliya Little Blue Dot The Middle Way
4:22:23 Adam Werner The Impending Death of the Virgin Spirit (Will Ackerman) Deep
4:28:21 Selffish I Came to Leave He She Them Us
4:32:42 Johan Agebjorn & Mikael Ogren Aurora Over Odega (remix) We Never Came to the White Sea
4:38:20 S1gns of L1fe 12 Strand DNA Sequence Pathways to Ascension
4:45:45 Robert Theis & Damjan Krajacic Floating Blue Landscapes II: Discoveries
4:50:20 Tim Story & Hans-Joachim Roedelius Lazy Arc One Lazy Arc
4:54:36 Glint Tootle Around Cosmic Chill Lounge volume 7 (v/a)
4:59:47 Klaus Schulze Velvet Voyage Mirage
5:27:35 Weingarten/Charlton Comfort in Silence Where There Is Light
5:32:19 Jacob Bro/Thomas Morgan/Joey Barron PM Dream Streams
5:41:47 Cavern of Anti-Matter Tardis Cymbals Void Beats-Invocation Trex
5:54:17 Kiasmos Looped Kiasmos
6:00:14 Bing & Ruth Starwood Choker No Home of the Mind

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