Echoes Top 25 for March 2017-Daniel Voth-Transcendance

Daniel Voth's Transcendance waltzes to the top of the Echoes Top 25 for March.

ECHOES TOP 25 for March 2017

  1. Daniel VothTranscendance (Candy Rat Records)
  2. Johan Agebjorn & Mikael OgrenWe Never Came to the White Sea (Spotted Peccary Music)  
  3. Lisa HanniganAt Swim (ATO Records) 
  4. Der WaldlauferFluidum (Ambiosoul) 
  5. Mike OldfieldReturn to Ommadawn (Mercury UK)
  6. Erik WolloDifferent Spaces (Projekt)
  7. Grand TransientsSpark the Future (Divergent Arts Ltd)
  8. BonoboMigration (Ninja Tune)
  9. Bing & RuthNo Home of the Mind (4AD)  
  10. Richard AsheStrange Static (Ten Dances)
  11. Thomas LemmerAmbitronic (Sine Music)
  12.  Michael Whalen – Dream Cycle (Valley) 
  13. NiyazThe Best of Niyaz (Six Degrees)
  14. From Indian LakesEverything Feels Better Now (Triple Crown Records)
  15. Tom CaufieldForging the Moonlight (Bohemian Embassy) 
  16. SohnRennen (4AD) 
  17. Ulrich Schnauss & Jonas Munk – Passage (Azure Vista Records)
  18. LaliyaThe Middle Way  (Laliya)
  19. Jean-Michel JarreOxygene 3  (Sony) 
  20. Jim OttawayTimeless e-Motion  (Jim Ottaway)
  21. Hollan HolmesPrayer to the Energy (Hollan Holmes)
  22. Alt-JRelaxer  (Atlantic)
  23. v/aSpheric Music Silver: 25th Anniversary of Electronic Rarities (Spheric Music)
  24. GeoticAbysma (Ghostly International)
  25. Echo ArcadiaVisions of Symmetry (Sounds Massive)

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