Moon Duo Video Trips Out Peter Max

Moon Duo's Video for "Lost in Light" Is Lost in the 60s.

Remember those old cartoonish psychedelic posters that Peter Max painted in the 1960s. They were everywhere from posters and coffee mugs to animated cartoons and TV ads. Max’s pop art was born of psychedelia, but the neo-psychedelic group, Moon Duo, have Max double-dipped in an acid bath of LSD for their video for the song “Lost in Light.”  It’s directed and by Micah Buzan and here’s what he had to say about it in the press release.

“’Lost In Light’ is the Yang to ‘Cold Fear’s Yin. In ‘Cold Fear’ the aliens ruled the planet in their giant skyscrapers and tortured humanoids. ‘Lost In Light’ continues the story of ‘Cold Fear’ a million years into the future, when the aliens have died off after exhausting the planet’s resources, and nature reclaims the land. Huge flowers grow out of the dead humanoids, aliens, and their buildings. Moon Duo emerge from an alien’s head as a flower and rainbow, becoming one with the planet as the sun absorbs everything into oblivion.”

The video and the song live up to each other’s hallucinogenic stylings.

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