Wordless Echoes: Pulse of the Planet

Wordless Echoes – Pulse of the Planet
Start Time Group Name Song Name Album Name
0:00:00 Mind Transport Tools Deep Realization Fractal
0:06:24 Robert Casady Half-Remembered First
0:10:50 Steve Roach Finger On the Pulse Spiral
0:19:33 Laliya Transience The Middle
0:25:52 Where the Good Way Lies Reveal the Path Nineteen
0:30:51 Lemongrass Blue Moon Beauty
0:36:55 George Wallace Sacred Earth Live
from Planet Earth
0:49:26 Gustaf Fjelstrom Sub Surfacing Diametric
0:57:54 Jimmy Wahlsteen Light Pollution No
Strings Attached
1:00:58 Byron Metcalf As Clouds Dance Inner
Rhythm Meditations
1:10:24 Jean-Michel Jarre Oxygene 15 Oxygene
1:16:52 Mark P. Adler My Lovesick Bell Islandia
1:21:51 Bruce Stark Night Fires Shadow
1:26:40 Holiwater Only a Dream (International Observer remix) Twenty
One AD (v/a)
1:30:43 Ian Boddy Shrine As
Above So Below
1:38:35 Pantha du Prince You What/Euphoria The
1:44:11 The Balustrade Ensemble Bathyal Reel Renewed
1:46:45 Shambhu Devotion Tears Soothe
1:51:27 Tycho Source Epoch
1:55:42 Thomas Newman Precious Metals Passengers
1:57:42 Matt Borghi A Further Journey Ambient
2:01:24 Jacob Bro/Thomas Morgan/Joey Barron 03 PM Dream Streams
2:10:48 Karin Olson & Crispin Barrymore Life Force A
Hero’s Journey
2:19:02 Christian Loffler Silk Mare
2:24:07 Richard Souther Five Corners You
Can’t Hold Back the Morning
2:26:51 Mickey Hart Mysterious Island Planet
2:32:08 Matthew Stewart The Journey Away A
World Bathed in Sunlight
2:39:00 Loscil Anthroposcene Monument
2:43:32 John Doan When the Stars Come Out Into
the Quiet
2:47:58 Richard Bone Aramu Muru Involution
2:53:55 Bluetech Reign and Bone The 4
Horsemen of the Electrocalypse:The Red Horse
2:58:29 James Murray What Can Be Done Eyes to
the Height
3:04:31 Ludovico Einaudi Mountain Elements
3:10:21 Jim Ottaway Sequence of Life Timeless
3:14:18 Cluster & Eno Fur Luise Cluster
& Eno
3:19:10 James Hood Uses of Time Pure
3:28:10 Stefano Barone Minimalaction Particolare#Uno
3:32:31 Green Isac Orchestra Algebra Green
Isac Orchestra
3:38:43 Tangerine Dream Genesis of Precious Thoughts Quantum
3:47:37 Edamame Black Spruce Cold
Floors EP II
3:50:30 Don Ross and Callum Graham The Channel 12:34
3:56:41 Barry Cleveland & Richard Pinhas Forgotten Man Mu
4:05:13 Marcello Zarvos Alison Swims The
Affair Season 2 OST
4:09:24 Ulrich Schnauss Wait for Me No
Further Ahead Than Today
4:14:13 Steven Halpern Exhale Slowly Mindful
Piano: Music for Meditation
4:19:30 Dean De Benedictis Never the Sacred Stretch Salvaging
the Present
4:27:15 Sumner McKane It’s Nice to Know that These Places Still Exist Stone’s
4:32:47 Kevin Keller Blood of the Raven Intermezzo
4:40:25 Art Patience Flight of the Butterfly The
4:44:41 Sundaug Nocturnality Nocturnality
4:47:39 Tom Eaton Midnight Clouds and the Great Bear Indesterren
4:54:25 Max Richter Genesis of Poetry Three
Worlds – Music from Woolf Works
4:58:14 Takashi Kohgo Tsubo Dance Sky
Dancing v/a*
5:03:24 Vince Redhouse Dance of the Tides Songs of the Earth
5:09:52 Steve Tibbetts Walking Northern
5:16:02 Michael Jon Fink I Hear it in the Rain I Hear
it in the Rain
5:24:57 Eugene Friesen In the Shade of Angels In the
Shade of Angels
5:29:36 Al Di Meola Purple and Gold Elysium
5:35:34 Axiom of Choice A Walk by the Lake Niya
5:41:55 Ben Neill The Other Side of Midnight – Live on Echoes Efflorescent:
Echoes Live 22
5:50:14 Lanterna Coastal Route Backyards
5:56:03 Weingarten/Charlton Comfort in Silence Where
There is Light
6:01:10 Fernwood Bells Springs Arcadia