New Video from London Grammar: Big Picture

London Grammar's "Big Picture" Heartbreak Video

London Grammar has been one of our favorite bands since their debut in 2013, If You Wait. Hannah Reid’s voice seems to have the weight of the world on it as she’s wrapped up in the atmospheric moods of bandmates Dot Major and Dan Rothman. Their new album is produced by Jon Hopkins, a collaborator with Brian Eno whose own music has range from the poignant melodies of his debut Opalescent to the rip your head-off glitch electronics of Immunity. You can already hear his impact on the band.  “Big Picture” is a more anthemic sound than the first single, the spare and somber, “Rooting for You.”  Reid’s is the voice of heartbreak and it’s perfect for this song of love and ruination. the closing lyrics sum it up:

Don’t say you ever loved me
Don’t say you ever cared
My darkest friend

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