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Alu's Psychosis Cabaret in the Echoes Podcast.

Since 2004 the Los Angeles singer Alu has released four albums. In the process she’s carved out a unique world of verbal wordplay and sonic illusion, creating a gothic cabaret for songs that often have bizarre, horror show imagery. There really is no other singer like Alu, though you can find elements of Kate Bush dramas,  Siouxsie Sioux doom, Liza Minnelli cabaret, and Lambert, Hendricks and Ross wordplay in her work. Her lyrics have a lot of wit, but her imagery is often macabre.

Alu is in her mid-30s, thin with an aquiline nose and long, dark brown hair. Her name is an Indo-European root word related to possession, sorcery, intoxication, and passion. It also is the name of a Mesopotamian demon who could only live in silence and darkness fitting Alu’s source of musical inspiration. All of her albums have been personal, but her new one, Mrs. Hypochondriac, cuts to the bone.

From a fraudulent marriage to a diagnosis of multiple sclerosis, Alu’s life was sent into a tailspin. but she’s come out of it with one of her most biting, but also most witty albums.

Hear her talk about it in the Echoes Podcast.


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  1. My wife had a similar experience to your medical issue, at about your age. She was also diagnosed with MS and had constant stabbing pain in her legs and foot, neuropathy, weakness and visual disturbances. Life grew worse with stress and with the sleep deprivation from the pain.
    After too many neurologists we found someone at the forefront of MS research who confidently told us she did not has MS, based on analysis of spinal fluid from a spinal tap. But the best clue was that also found traces of Lyme bacteria.
    3 weeks of IV antibiotics and a rocky recovery from that she is for all intents and purposes free of symptoms for 10 years. She got her life back.
    I am not denying that MS exists, or that your diagnosis might not be correct. Only that in our case we pushed until we were satisfied with a solid laboratory test that told us we needed to find help from new set of specialists.
    Lesson: go to the best doctors you can until you are at peace with your knowledge. Our bodies are very complex. And sometimes our medical mysteries don’t fit into short sessions with our medical professionals.

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