Symbion Project in Echoes Podcast.

Symbion Project's Electronic Odes in Echoes Podcast

Symbion Project is an act that has been around since 1998, but we only just heard of them with the album, Arcadian, which we were very deep into this year. Symbion Project is electronic musician Kasson Crooker and he’s composed music for video games, pop bands, and more. He’s influenced in equal parts by Depeche Mode and Wendy Carlos. He’s dropped electronic music into films, video games and music projects ranging from the sugar synth sound of FreezePop to the avant-garde edges of his Symbion Project.  With Arcadian, he brings together his many influences into a perfect synth-pop album. John Diliberto talked to Symbion Project’s Kasson Crooker, while looking at an array of synthesizers fading into the distance on the Skype screen.

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