Jane Siberry in Echoes Podcast

Art Pop Singer Jane Siberry in Echoes Podcast.

Jane SiberryJane Siberry came to renown in the 1980s with albums like The Speckless Sky, The Walking, and Bound by the Beauty and was spoken of in the same breadth as artists like Kate Bush and later, Bjork and Tori Amos. She’s been recording for 35 years and released 15 original albums, been on a major label and collaborated with many musicians and film directors including Brian Eno, k.d. lang and Wim Wenders.  But she still feels relatively unknown.  Siberry has spent most of her career out on a limb. Her music has been concerned with heady philosophical constructs and her music has ventured further from pop and conventional singer-songwriter territory and more into the world of art-song. She fell out of popularity when her music got more experimental, chaning her name to Issa for a few years didn’t help. But now she’s returned with a new album called Angels Bend Closer. John Diliberto spoke to Jane Siberry from her home in Canada.

Notable Quotes:

“I changed my name for three years. I thought it would be forever, but it wasn’t.”

“Universal cosmic mechanisms have kept the people who know what I’m up to quite small, and I’ve loved that. It’s taught me how to go out on a limb further.”

Angels Bend Closer is  a wide universal recording. Iit’s lush and beautiful and about family, and love, and nature and the kind of world I think a lot of us would like to live in.”

“It’s about not understanding faith. I don’t understand how people can actually move mountains or walk on water.”

Jane Siberry plays with themes off family, independence, and faith on her new album. You can hear her talk about it in the Echoes Podcast.


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