Nicholas Gunn in Echoes Podcast

Nicholas Gunn Trades his New Age Flute for Chill Synthesizers

gunn-underThe last time we heard from Nicholas Gunn, He was blowing flute on evocative melodies. He’d been doing that for all of his life. But on his new album, Under the Influence of Music, You’d be forgiven if you didn’t recognize it as a Nicholas Gunn album, there’s no flute on it at all. Eliminating the flute after his previous album, “Thirty-One Nights”, Nicholas Gunn has shifted, moving toward a more chilled electronic sound. In creating this new formulation, Nicholas surveyed the music scene and made a calculation that was as much about business as music. I talked with Nicholas Gunn to find out about this radical change of direction.

Some notable quotes:

“Music has to have meaning for me, has to be authentic. And if it’s not, then why am I doing this.”

“I want to appeal to the millennials that are coming out of the big festivals that want a moment of introspection with music”

“Space, finding space in the music, meaningful space. . . Finding how to do that right so that people can use the track for themselves in the same way.”

“I wanted this to be eight human experiences that have influenced me in my life”

Under the influence of music, serves as a metaphor that many, If not most of us, could relate to. Nicholas Gunn’s Under the Influence of Music is out on Shotgunn Productions. Hear him talk about it on the Echoes Podcast.



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