Edamame in Echoes Podcast

Feed Your Head with Edamame's Ochre in the Echoes Podcast.

edamame-giftshop-600Edamame the bean is best served boiled, but Edamame the electronic artist is best served Chilled. That’s the moniker of Ed Harris who takes natural and found sounds and mixes them into his downtempo and ambient music tracks. There’s no mistaking his music for an Asian food, although there is a lot that’s organic about it and Asian as well. Many of Edamame’s sounds come from the real world as much as computers. It’s an exotic lounge music, full of small details and effects layered over chilled downtempo rhythms. Edamame just released a new album called Ochre on Loci Records. You can listen to Ed Harris talk about it in the Echoes Podcast.

Edamame-Ochre-600Some notable quotes:

“If I shut my eyes. . . I’ll start kinda hearing like a rhythmic quality to the sound that’s going on around me and that’s usually some of the stuff I try and record.”

“My parents  listened to a lot of like ‘80s new wave kind of stuff. . . suddenly here I am maybe, 25+ years later, just kinda making similar stuff myself.”

“I mostly just wanted it to be like you’re watching a BBC Planet Earth. . .you know, organic footage of things that happen in the forest when we’re not there.”

“I have a song called “Gathered” And I recorded the ambience of a small gathering I was at with friends.”

When you’re wandering Chicago, You might want to watch out for that guy sitting on a portable hammock or walking with his cell phone pointing in your direction. That might be Ed Harris recording something for the next Edamame track. The latest Edamame album is Ochre on Loci Records.

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