Merrin Karras “Void” Video

Merrin Karras delivers a video for "Void"

Written by Ian John and John Diliberto on August 17th, 2016

Image result for apex merrinThe Irish-born and Berlin based producer Brendan Gregoriy is no stranger to the far out sound waves he creates. Under the monikers Chymera and I Am an Exit, he recorded techno and house tracks but his new project, Merrin Karras, takes off into a realm of spacey synths and ambient layers that can all be heard on his new album Apex. In this noteworthy video his song “Void” is paired with scenes from the 50s/60s movie “Battle Beyond The Sun” and is the soundtrack that movie probably wish it originally had.

The song builds slowly but steadily, calling up the 70s electronic sounds of Klaus Schulze and Tangerine Dream, who Karras cites as influences.  A retro-rocket being prepared for launch and cruises through the expanse toward an orbiting space station. Layers of keys, shimmers, and synths hit hard then echo out into the atmosphere. See the epic video below.

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