Robert Rich and Jörg Wand’s “Filaments and Fractals”

Robert Rich and Jörg Wand Audio/Visual "Filaments and Fractals"

Written by Johanna Baumann on August 10th, 2016

Robert Rich in Studio

Robert Rich in Studio

Robert Rich’s music has always bent toward the trippy, psychedelic side of things. It’s full of trancey grooves, cyclical melodies and hidden themes that reveal themselves through layers of ambience. Now he’s teamed up with visual artist Jörg Wand to create “Filaments and Fractals.” The entrancing video is composed of morphing, enveloping fractal graphics by Wand accompanying Rich’s “Filaments” from his album of the same name. The piece begins with abstract sweeping frequencies and thick chords that fall into Rich’s “glurp” terrain of music. The sequences kick in about halfway through.

Experience the mesmerizing piece below, and listen to Robert Rich’s 2015 album Filaments.

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