Massive Attack “The Spoils” Video

Massive Attack releases new video for "The Spoils" featuring Cate Blanchett

3D of Massive Attack @ MoogFestThe English Trip-Hop group Massive Attack released a video for their single “The Spoils” which features Cate Blanchett from the shoulders up while her figure is warped and re-imagined in different styles and lighting. These variations range from pretty to down right creepy. The video, while fairly simple, is intriguing none-the-less.

The song features elegant vocals from Mazzy Star frontwoman Hope Sandoval and was released late last month after being previewed on Fantom, an Iphone app frequently used by the band. This is the same app that Massive Attack used to preview songs from their Ritual Spirit EP which makes us think could there be another project on the way?

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