Lowell “High Enough” Video

Lowell releases her new music video for "High Enough"

Written by Christoph Grosse on June 27th, 2016

Lowell-Highenough-600x600-800x800Calgary born musician Elizabeth Boland, who performs under her middle name, Lowell, has just released the visuals for her most recent single, “High Enough”. Lowell’s indie pop sound is catchy, ethereal and unapologetic. Produced by Grammy and Juno Award-nominated Zale Epstein, High Enough is the first single from her EP, Part 1: PARIS YK, releasing later this summer. Inspired by her time growing up in the Yukon, Lowell blends the colors of the northern lights with the grayscale landscape of the Canadian tundra in this latest music video. As it starts, Lowell stands at the center of attention, slowly spinning with her eyes closed, seemingly at peace. There is an absence of color as the video starts, but that soon changes. As the song picks up, shades of fiery orange and cool turquoise begin to permeate the shots, soon followed by a spectrum of other colors. She starts to dance, and her movements are followed by reflections of herself, giving her the look of a many-armed goddess. She becomes a wondrous aurora, starkly contrasting with her cold, barren home. Watch the visuals for “High Enough” below.

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