Lisa Hannigan “Fall” Video

Lisa Hannigan Builds Anticipation for New Album "At Swim" with Enchanting Music Video for Lead Single "Fall"

Written by Dimitri Kandilanaftis on July 6th, 2016

Lisa Hannigan - "At Swim" AlbumIrish singer-songwriter Lisa Hannigan returns with her third studio album set to release on August 19th. In a new music video for lead single “Fall”, Lisa Hannigan dances unadorned in this misty wilderness with unkempt hair and a no-frills crimson-red dress. The video is equally unadorned but somehow deeply expressive and even ethereal. Coupling the serene setting of the Alice Holt Forest just outside London with the rather rigid and unsettling dance moves of Hannigan results in a video that is two parts peaceful, and one part eerie. Even her occasional smile suggests something off-kilter; is she struggling with something, was a challenge recently over come? The towering trees hang high above Hannigan as she collapses into the afternoon foliage following a rising crescendo of her scratchy and lush vocals. Her vocals soar as high as the trees above, a sort of cathartic afterglow ensuing when the high notes are released. If the albums follows the tone of “Fall” listeners can expect a moody and longing sound that’ll be as gorgeous as it is melancholic. Another released single for is “Prayer for the Dying,” a track that lingers languidly over Hannigan’s lovely, sustained vocals paired with piano and guitar riffs that sway into sweet harmonies and mesmerized contemplation. At Swim releases August 19th on ATO Records. You can pre-order At Swim .

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