Sigur Rós “Óveður” Video

Watch Sigur Rós' Bizarre New Video Directed by Jonas Åkerlund

Written by Christoph Grosse and Johanna Baumann on June 27th, 2016

Jonsi from Sigur Rós

Jonsi from Sigur Rós

 If you traveled down the road of “Route One” Sigur Rós’ recent 24-hour “Slow TV” stream then you heard their latest single”Óveður,” albeit in fractured, distended and disassembled form. Óveður”, which means “storms” in Icelandic is their first new song since their 2013 release Kveikur. The video was filmed in the humble Icelandic town of Grindavík and directed by renowned Swedish filmmaker Jonas Åkerlund. Throughout the steady buildup of entrancing drums and synthesizers, the viewer follows a disheveled and drunk homeless woman, who stumbles around the bleak landscape with a one-eyed dog. The slow motion shots and her filthy appearance make the woman look possessed. She enters a bar, which begins a macabre, bloody scene of biting, clawing and drawing on people. The music slows down, becoming eerie and drawn out, a fitting soundtrack for the grim visuals. By the end, the video is outright disturbing, keeping up with Åkerlund’s reputation for making controversial films.

Watch it below, but viewer discretion is advised.

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