The Album Leaf “Between Waves” Video

The Album Leaf Find Solitude in Suburbia with New Music Video for “Between Waves”

Written by Dimitri Kandilanaftis on June 22nd, 2016

The Album Leaf - "Between Waves"It’s been a really long time since we’ve heard from The Album Leaf, but they recently announced their first full-length album since 2010’s A Chorus of Storytellers, entitled Between Waves – a collection of dynamic electronic soundscapes, expansive melodies, instrumentation wrought with pensive overtones, and delicate vocals, all spun by the hand of project founder Jimmy LaValle. Set to release in August, Between Waves will feature fall 2015’s single “New Soul” and “Back to the Start,” a sauntering synth track submerged in wonder and mystery. In a new video directed by Michael Raines for the track “Between Waves,” we follow a young girl on the precipice of teen angst, living out dreams of escaping suburban monotony as she voyages throughout a town’s repetitive same-housed tedium in shots reminiscent of the opening and closing scenes from film American Beauty. Undulating strings, subdued horns, and lo-fi synths fuse with mellow vocals to grace listens ears as we watch the young girl transverse the suburbs in solitude, a dizzying mirage of snapshots accompany, images of dissipated youth (bicycles, teddy bears, etc…) drowned, literally, out from the ebbs of time as she slowly approaches the ocean. An eagle soars, a flower blooms, awe spiked with detachment punctures the air, and the young girl emerges from a backyard pool, her youth existing only in imagination, a distant memory gone to the waves. It’s a curious video soaked with nostalgic melodies. Check it out below.

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