Marissa Nadler “All the Colors of the Dark” Video

Marissa Nader Releases Stop-Motion Video for "All the Colors of the Dark"

Written by Steve Farrell on June 15th, 2016

Marissa Nadler at Echoes

Marissa Nadler at Echoes

Marissa Nadler is a Boston based singer-­songwriter known primarily for her acoustic oriented ambient dream pop with it’s foundation in folk. She is a about to release her seventh record entitled Strangers, and in anticipation for the record she has released a video for her song “All the Colors of the Dark.” The song itself has a sombre, eerie quality to it with the swelling combination of strings and horns featured in the chorus counterbalanced by the simple keyboard during the verses. In terms of lyrical content, Marissa is speaking plainly accepting the ramifications of whatever ordeal or conflict has just transpired. “This is not you home anymore” could quite possibly the centerpiece from which this song formed. The accompanying video looks as though it has been influences by Nine Inch Nails’ video for their 1994 hit “Closer.” Stop motion images of clay faces contorting and shifting, sculptures disassembling and reassembling, as well as furniture rearranging itself give the viewer a feeling of the loss of control. However, these images intertwined with Nadler’s calm demeanor balances out the videos tone and further conveys the idea that although things have changed or are changing, the best outlook to have is one of acceptance.

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