DF Tram “Nightcrawler” Video

DF Tram Delivers Deep Doses of Chill with New Video for "Nightcrawler"

Written by Dimitri Kandilanaftis on June 9th, 2016

DF Tram - "Illegal Lingo"

Enigmatic DJ and producer DJ Tram, Dylan Yanez of San Francisco, released his debut feature-length album Illegal Lingo in July of 2015 – an innovative electronic work featuring collections of downtempo and chill interspersed with obscure clips from unknown sources and indescribable spoken word, forming a novel synthesis for the underground electronic music scene. DF Tram’s work is cryptic, esoteric, and always fun to listen to. The music videos for Illegal Lingo mirror the eclectic and ultra-chill atmosphere of DF Tram’s work. “Nightcrawler,” a video that “truly deserves to be on every English shit list,” (you have to hear the song) includes all the aspects needed to echo cool, downtempo electronic music: nightly cityscapes, mysterious sultry women, neon lights, and boundless alcohol pouring – all over mellow, ever-expanding laid back synth chords. Equipped with innovative sounds and unique mixing styles, DF Tram is the vanguard of chill.


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