Deborah Martin in the Echoes Podcast

Deborah Martin Goes from Country to Cosmic in the Echoes Podcast.

Listen to the Deborah Martin interview above, or download it from iTunes.

Martin-Deborah-Eye-Wizard-6It’s Witches, Watchers and Wizards when we talk to electronic artist Deborah Martin. As musicians go, they don’t come any more unassuming than Martin.  Despite releasing eight albums over the last twenty years and operating Spotted Peccary Records, home to artists such a David Helping and Jon Jenkins, Erik Wøllo and Darshan Ambient, she always sounds like she’s just come home from the office instead of Apache reservations, Tibet or Stonehenge, all of which she’s visited and have played a part in her music.  At Halloween last year, Deborah Martin released her eighth album, Eye of the Wizard. She talks about going from country to cosmic to us from her home in Washington.


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