John Luther Adams in the Echoes Podcast

John Luther Adams Becomes in the Echoes Podcast

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John Luther Adams - Become OceanJohn Luther Adams is the Pulitzer and Grammy award winning composer whose work is always connected to the environment. As the Composer-in-Residence at the 2016 Big Ears Festival, the expanse of compositions by John Luther Adams was on display from massive symphonic works to ambient electronic installations, to outdoor percussion performances. The two things linking it all are a love of nature and sound. The composer built his reputation as the music laureate of Alaska and the Arctic, drawing much of his inspiration from the dramatic and stark geography there. But now he’s moved to Mexico. We takie a walk through a musical wilderness with John Luther Adams. He talks about his award-winning composition, Become Ocean, and how he left Alaska because it was too dark and the landscapes that inspired him were melting away due to Global Warming.

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