Echoes Top 25 for March 2016

Miranda Lee Richards Leads the Echoes Top 25 for March.

ECHOES TOP 25 for March 2016

  1. Miranda Lee RichardsEchoes of the Dreamtime (Invisible Hands Music) Richards_EchoesoftheDreamtime
  2. Vic HenneganSpace and Shadows (Alien Tribes)
  3. Tommy EmmanuelIt’s Never Too Late (CGP Sounds)
  4. All India RadioThe Slow Light (Minty Fresh)
  5. Brooke WaggonerSweven (Swoon Moon Music)
  6. Guy ButteryGuy Buttery (Guy Buttery)
  7. Lily & Madeleine Keep It Together (New West Records)
  8. Al Jewer & Andy MitranTransmigration (Laughing Cat Records) Space and Shadows cover
  9. Cavern of Anti-MatterVoid Beats-Invocation Trex (Duophonic)
  10. The American DollarAcross the Oceans (Yesh Music)
  11. SHELJust Crazy Enough (Cen)
  12. Gustaf FjelstromIntention (Botched Records)
  13. Steve KimockLast Danger of Frost (Big Red Barn Production)
  14. John Heart JackieEpisodes  (Pour Le Sport)
  15. Ben NeillHorizonal (Audiokult)
  16. Forgotten FutureForgotten Future: W1  (Forgotten Future)  
  17. Lera LynnResistor  (Sands Foley)
  18. Marissa NadlerStrangers (Sacred Bones Records) Emmanuel_NeverTooLate
  19. Tom EatonAbendromen (Riverwide Records)
  20. Ane BrunWhen I’m Free (Balloon Ranger Recordings)  
  21. Michel Benita/EthicsRiver Silver (ECM)
  22. Kevin Keller – La Strada (Kevin Keller Productions) 
  23. Jesse CookOne World (eOne Music) 
  24. Bradley J. SmithRoot Chakra (Bradley J. Smith)   
  25. Bob KilgoreTime and Again (Weaseltrap Records)


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