Wordless Echoes: Altitudes

Wordless Echoes : Altitudes
Start Time Group Name Song Name Album Name
0:00:00 Michel Benita/Ethics I See Altitudes River Silver
0:05:40 Ocouer Progression Reversed
0:10:56 Nicholas Gunn Beauty Under the Influence of Music
0:16:06 Sverre Knut Johansen Earth from Above Earth from Above
0:22:15 Redshift Mission Creep Life to Come
0:30:37 Cavern of Anti-Matter Melody in High Feedback Tones Void Beats-Invocation Trex
0:34:24 The American Dollar Acrobats Across the Oceans
0:37:46 Bill Frisell As a Judgement When You Wish Upon a Star
0:42:10 Gustaf Fjelstrom Reflection Intention
0:44:42 Normandie Moon and Sun (Sine Remix) Chillbar Vol 4 (v/a)
0:50:29 Rising Tide Less Than Morning’s Promise
0:54:58 Jeffrey Seeman Michael’s Journey Everything In-Between
1:00:23 Bob Ardern Crusaders and Jesters Eight Winds
1:03:11 Billy McLaughlin Flying Dream Out of Hand
1:08:00 Northcape High Mountain Record Exploration and Ascent
1:12:35 Green Isac Orchestra Emmesity Green Isac Orchestra
1:18:55 Balmorhea Steerage and the Lamp Constellations
1:25:48 Clara Ponty Crystalline The Embrace
1:29:44 Saul Stokes Bursts and Blooms Vast
1:36:33 Steve Roach World’s Edge World’s Edge
1:45:45 Ancient Future Edge of a Memory Dreamchaser
1:51:32 Paul Avgerinos Peaceful Contentment Bhakti
2:01:30 Robert Linton Beneath the Cloudless Sky Beyond the Clearing
2:07:06 Jim Stubblefield Terra e Sole Encantado
2:12:29 Anne Dudley & Jaz Coleman Habebe Songs from the Victorious City
2:16:11 Trevor Stewart Ascending Beyond
2:20:08 Forrest Fang Message in the Sand The Sleepwalker’s Ocean
2:28:35 Mind Transport Tools Moving Through Walls Astral Bridge
2:38:33 Digitonal Sentinel Ambient Zone 2 (Just Music Café vol. 5) (v/a)
2:43:46 Harold Budd Bismillahi ‘Rraman ‘Rrahim The Pavillion of Dreams
3:01:50 Nathan Speir Telescopic The Emotive Leaf
3:06:03 Mark McGuire The Naacals Beyond Belief
3:11:28 Paul Ellis Lights of a Departing Train Moth In Flames
3:19:05 Azuma The Place Called Akino The Mind of Genesis
3:27:22 Kevin Keller Tunnel of Light La Strada
3:31:10 Phil Keaggy March of the Clouds The Wind and the Wheat
3:35:59 Vance Sheaks Adrift Winds of Hope
3:39:33 Three Fields Rise Home
3:44:22 Goldmund The Wind Wings Sometimes
3:46:51 Tuxedomoon and Cult with No Name Lumberton Blue Velvet Revisited
3:51:35 Marconi Union Flying (In Crimson Skies) Different Colours
3:59:00 Bob Holroyd Nest Blueprint
4:02:26 zerO One Traject0ry Signals
4:06:36 Ozric Tentacles Air City Paper Monkeys
4:10:17 Jade Warrior Wind Song/The Emporer Kite/Wind Borne/Kite Song Kites
4:25:34 Ron Korb Magic Sleep Asia Beauty
4:33:27 Don Ross and Callum Graham The Channel 12:34
4:39:35 Luca Stricagnoli Conquest of Paradise (Vangelis) Luca Stricagnoli
4:41:48 Tommy Emmanuel Miyazaki’s Dream It’s Never Too Late
4:45:56 Endless Tapes Saturn Brilliant Waves
4:50:56 Tristeza Harmonic Sea A Colores
4:56:55 Hans Christian Light Headed Hidden Treasures
5:04:42 Preston Reed Valhalla History of Now
5:10:01 Erik Scott Sundogs Other Planets
5:14:44 Sumner McKane Rescue Ship Stone’s Throw
5:19:13 Aerosol Exposure Leave
5:24:00 George Wallace Existentia Light Music
5:34:40 Jeff Pearce Veil of Lake Snow To the Shores of Heaven
5:38:20 Chris Haugen Reef Falling Water Shimmering Strings
5:45:48 Robert Powell Pony Owens Desert Beach
5:52:16 Andreas Vollenweider Milonga Magica AIR
5:56:12 Don Alder Boy Meets Girl Armed & Dangerous


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